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Global Religious Festivals in Secular Cityscapes

For the last two years, our collaborative humanities research project has considered the place of public religion, public religious performance, in the spiritual, geographic, and transnational landscapes (built environments) of California.... Read more

Shari’a Revoiced

Throughout the grant period, the Shari’a Revoiced Studio has conducted qualitative analysis of original data gathered through semi-structured interviews with nearly 100 California Muslims.... Read more

Humanitarian Ethics, Religious Affinities, and the Politics of Dissent

Our Religion in Diaspora and Global Affairs Humanities Studio, titled “Humanitarian Ethics, Religious Affinities, and the Politics of Protest,” investigates transnational faith-based networks... Read more

Regulating Sex/Religion

Our studio aimed to examine how sex and religion are mobilized together in the management of minorities in Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia.... Read more
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